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Test of Mathematics Solution Objective 699 – Graphing the Exponential

Test of Mathematics at the 10+2 Level

This is a Test of Mathematics Solution Objective 699 (from ISI Entrance). The book, Test of Mathematics at 10+2 Level is Published by East West Press. This problem book is indispensable for the preparation of I.S.I. B.Stat and B.Math Entrance.

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Graphing an exponential function can be tricky. We are familiar with the graph of \( e^x \). But what if a bunch of such exponential expressions is clubbed together? I.S.I.’s Test of Mathematics has a problem related to this.

The adjoining figure is the graph of

(A) \( y = 2 e^x \)

(B) \( y = 2^{-x} \)

(C) \( y = e^x + e^{-x} \)

(D) \( y = e^x – e^{-x} + 2 \)

Part 1

Part 2 and 3