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Locus Problems - Application
Geodesics on a Sphere
Triangles on a Sphere
Triangular Inequality - Introduction
Construction of a Geometric Mean
Geometry of AM GM Inequality
Area Problems
Carpet Strategy
Maximising Area
Inradius × semi peri meter=Area; application
Lines, Angles and Triangles
Angles opposite to largest side: application
Angle Bisector Theorem: Application
Extended Pythagoras Theorem: Application 1
Extended Pythagoras Theorem: Application 2
Ceva's Theorem
Menelaus' Theorem - Concept
Menelaus' Theorem - Application
Geometry of Circles
Opposite angles of a cyclic quadrilateral adds up to 180 degree: Application in RMO 2008 Problem 1
Cyclic Quadrilaterals, Napoleon Triangles: Part 1
Cyclic Quadrilaterals, Napoleon Triangles: Part 2
Cyclic Quadrilaterals, Napoleon Triangles: Part 3
Inradius, Exradius - Concept
Inradius and concyclic points - Application in RMO
Orthocenter and Circles: Part 1
Orthocenter and Circles: Part 2
Orthocenter and Circles: Part 3
Orthocenter and Circles: Part 4
Power of a point
Sine rule and incenter
Nine Point Circle: Part 1
Nine Point Circle: Part 2
Nine Point Circle: Part 3
Euler formula: $𝑑^2=𝑅^2–2𝑅 times 𝑟 $
Circles in Circle: PRMO 2017 problem
Geometric Transformation
Translation – Concept and Application
Reflection – Concept and Application
Rotation – Application in Fermat Point Problem
Inversion concept
Inversion: Application Part 1
Inversion: Application Part 2
Complex Numbers in Geometry
Complex numbers and Geometry
Triangles in Complex Plane
Mass Point Geometry
Mass Point Geometry Part 1
Mass Point Geometry Part 2


Basic Counting Principle
Multiplication and Addition Principle
Bijection Principle
Invariance Principle
Extremal Principle

Number Theory

Modular Arithmetic
Advanced Topics



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