Tech in Education Challenge

Cheenta Labs is inviting presentations from software developers and nerds.


For Grabs: Rs. 50,000 and / or your own Start Up!


Tools like Google Classroom, Blackboard or Moodle are used by Educators throughout the globe. Adaptive learning systems like ALEKS is performing many lower level ‘teaching’ activities. However all these tools are scattered across the tech spectrum. Teachers are yet to have one tool that is simple, elegant, fast and does all the major functions.

Tell us your dreams – Rs. 50,000 for grabs or your own Start Up!

Roll up your sleeves are design a comprehensive educator’s application that you believe will change how we learn and teach. Here are some of the things that you may keep in mind.


The app should be an environment rather than a standalone suite. For example a mathematics teacher may add Latex as an extension whereas a Computer Science teacher may add a code editor.

adaptive, social

Learning is social. So should be your application. Additionally it may use artificial intelligence for adaptive learning functionalities.


The app should have collaboration tools such as whiteboarding, chat, video conference and co-authoring. It may also have social feeds, authoring tools and other creator’s tools.

What is Cheenta Labs?

Cheenta Labs is a Calcutta, India based initiative. It is a subsidiary organization of Cheenta. It strives to deliver technological solutions for educators of the future.

Cheenta, the parent organization of Cheenta Labs, has worked with hundreds of brilliant school and college students from over 7 countries since 2010. It delivers state-of-art advanced mathematics programs for challenging contests such as Math Olympiad.

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