Mock Tests are important. They help you to analyze your own performance, by collecting your own data. Cheenta Statistics Department has prepared the open to all first National Mock Test for all the students preparing for ISI MStat 2020, during the COVID 19 situation.

Our Course Program and the Past Year ISI M.Stat Solutions are given below.

Please click the button below to get registered for the ISI MStat mock test. The leaderboard is given below.

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Leaderboard for ISI M.Stat 2020 Mock Test 1

Total Score 120

ISI MStat and IIT JAM Statistics Program

Entrances of I.S.I. M.Stat, Subject GRE, and IIT JAM Statistics require advanced training in Probability, Regression and ANOVA, Theory of Estimation, and Mathematics. More than entrances, this program offers you to fall in love with the exciting principles of data and chance – the core concepts in the field of data science.

This advanced program is designed to take you ‘inside’ the beauty of math, data, and chance.

Nishant Kumar