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ISI BStat-BMath Entrance and CMI Entrance 2022 success stories.

In 2022, several Cheenta students did exceptionally well in ISI BStat- BMath Entrance and CMI BSc. Math Entrance. As many as 8 students from Cheenta ranked within top 100 in India. The 5-days-a-week problem solving classes (along with concept class, homework class, doubt clearing class and 1-on-1 class) played a crucial role in this success story.

Success stories

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Indian Statistical Institute
BStat Entrance
Avishek Hazra (All-India-Rank 81)
BMath Entrance
Vemparala Bhuvan (All-India-Rank-5)
John Tom (All-India-Rank 30)
Mayur Sastry (All-India-Rank 34)
Ryan Hota (All-India-Rank 42)
Divyanshu Gupta (All-India-Rank 46)
Chennai Mathematical Institute
Vemparala Bhuvan
Mayur N Sastry
Dwitimaya Sahoo
Ryan Hota
John Tom
Shravani Parulekar
Avishek Hazra
Learn more about ISI - CMI Entrance Program
Watch their success stories.
Learn more about ISI - CMI Entrance Program

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