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ISI and CMI Entrance 2024

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In 2024, the following Cheenta students are successful for Indian Statistical Institute's BStat-BMath Entrance and Chennai Mathematical Institute's B.Sc. Math Entrance. They ranked within the first 100 in the entire country in these entrances.

Most of these students attended the problem solving workshops regularly, which happen 5 times every week.

CMI B.Sc. Math Entrance

  • Ahan Chakraborty
  • Mohak Chugh
  • Krish Agrawal
  • Piyush Kumar Jha
  • Agastya Agarwal
  • Vrajishnu Chakraborty

I.S.I. B.Stat Entrance

  • Ahan Chakraborty (AIR 12)
  • Vrajishnu Chakraborty (AIR 74)

I.S.I. B.Math Entrance

  • Mohak Chugh (AIR 43)

Success Meet-Up

In this video we talk to the successful candidates and learn from their strategies. We also have a virtual award ceremony. The students presented with books and access to Cheenta Research Programs.

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