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Is Multivariate Limit equal to Iterated Limit?

The multivariate limit is really akin to the univariate limit. But, how can we explain that?

However, We discuss the following aspects in this regard.

📌 Firstly, we discuss the ideas of proving and disprove Univariate Limits.
📌 Then, come Multivariate Limits - How to prove and disprove?
📌 Thereafter, Iterated Limits appear - Understanding and Geometry.
📌 Hence, we discover Relationship between Multivariate Limits and Iterated Limits.
📌 We end with Food for Thought.

Iterated Limits are a bypass. Do they really explain the Multivariate Limit?

We discover a rich relationship between the two. We give all the cases possible between multivariate limits and iterated limits.

Hints, Solution, and More

  • Write down the \( \epsilon - \delta\) definition of multivariate limit.
  • How can you disprove the existence of a multivariate limit?
  • Think of some useful ways to prove the existence of a multivariate limit?
  • What are the iterated limits?
  • How are they connected to the multivariate limit?
  • Let's explore the connection in the video.
  • Don't forget the food for thought.
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  • Firstly, Multivariate Limit - No. Iterated Limits - No.
  • Secondly, Multivariate Limit - No. Iterated Limits - Yes and Different.
  • Therefore, Share one example that follows the conditions of Moore Osgood's Theorem and the results are true.
  • Thus, Give one example that doesn't follow the conditions of Moore Osgood's Theorem, and the results are not true.
  • Finally, Give one example that follows the result of Moore Osgood's Theorem, but doesn't follow the conditions.

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