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INTRODUCING 5-days a week practice classes on olympiad and ISI Entrance problems

For Internal Students: If you want access to the 5-days-a-week practice sessions, please contact with Cheenta Support

In 2021, Cheenta is proud to introduce 5-days-a-week problem solving sessions for Math Olympiad and ISI Entrance.

Over the last 10 years, we noticed that students often do not get enough practice of advanced Math Olympiad and ISI Entrance problems. They attend the regular classes and then usually fall out of practice for the rest of the week.

In order to fix this problem, we added 5-days-a-week problem solving sessions to the regular program.

This is how it works:

  1. Students receive forerunner problems before the class (a PDF file). They are requested to try these problems before attending the session.
  2. A concept-overview video is also added to review the key concepts related to the problems. Note that the problem solving classes are not for learning new concepts. New concepts are taught in usual group classes. These are extra sessions where the concepts are applied to beautiful problems.
  3. A 1-hour live class follows where both the forerunner problems and new problems are discussed.
  4. The process repeats for 5-days a week.

The output of the process has been very exciting so far. The active students are participating in these sessions every day. Hundreds of beautiful problems are being solved improving the problem solving skills of the students.

Therefore the Cheenta advanced programs now contain the following components:

  1. Group Concept Class - once a week
  2. One-on-One Class - once a week
  3. 5-days-a-week Problem Solving Session
  4. Cheenta Genius App for problem solving, doubts and mock tests

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