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Installing Julia in Ubuntu

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Author: Kazi Abu Rousan

C is hard but fast

But you need to be on guard to last.

Python is easy but slow

But you can use it to glow.

But if you have julia

Beautiful rhythms will flow.


Julia is a high-level, high-performance, dynamic programming language.

Most of you guys have heard or learnt languages like C, C++, Python, Ruby, Java and many more. All of these are great and have helped us in many things. Each type of people love different languages.

But when it comes to science community, most guys use Matlab, Mathematica, Ruby or Python.

This all are great but this all have changed now.

It's because of julia. It is a language which is fast as C (almost close to that with pure julia code), have functions with structure like maths( in pen and paper) and doesn't have Two-Language problem.

Due to this, we people of cheenta is going to make a tutorial on Basic Julia and then we will use Julia in different topics of Math , Physics and also Statistics.

This blog is written just to share few commands to install Julia in Ubuntu 20.04.

List of Commands

First open a terminal inside the folder where you want to save julia.

Then write this command:


This will download the latest julia which is 1.7.2 in my case. You can also download the file from here.


Now extract the .tar.gz file using the command

tar -xvzf julia-1.7.2-linux-x86_64.tar.gz

in folder_name/opt folder,i.e., we will create a folder inside the folder julia-1.7.2 with a name opt.

sudo cp -r julia-1.7.2 /opt/

Now we will create a symbolic link to Julia using the command

sudo ln -s /opt/julia-1.7.2/bin/julia /usr/local/bin/julia

It's done!!

Now, enjoy the Julia -- The elegant and fast language.

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