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Informatics Olympiad Program


The Informatics Olympiad program is geared toward International Olympiad in Informatics. The primary goal of this programs to understand and apply various algorithmic techniques in problem-solving.


Informatics Olympiad curriculum comprises of six broad areas:

Mathematical Techniques

Discrete Structures

Computing Science

Architecture and Organization

Software Systems

Graph Theory

The problems are implemented through basic programming languages (C, Python etc.)


In India, there are 3 levels of informatics olympiad. Students of 8th through 11th grade may participate.

Zonal Informatics Olympiad // Zonal Computing Olympiad

a written / programming test

Indian National Olympiad in Informatics

 usually conducted in January

IOI Training Camp and IOI

30 INOI toppers are selected in a camp from which national team is selected.


The students are usually required to innovate algorithms and then write programs to solve problems. Some analysis of the algorithm (regarding complexities) is also expected.

Here is a sample problem:

Suppose that the fourth generation mobile phone base stations in the Tampere area operate as follows. The area is divided into squares. The squares form an S×S matrix with the rows and columns numbered from 0 to S-1. Each square contains a base station. The number of active mobile phones inside a square can change because a phone is moved from a square to another or a phone is switched on or off. At times, each base station reports the change in the number of active phones to the main base station along with the row and the column of the matrix.

Write a program, which receives these reports and answers queries about the current total number of active mobile phones in any rectangle-shaped area.


Admission to Cheenta Informatics Olympiad Program is highly selective. It consists of an online interview and a test.

Student of sixth grade onward may apply (advanced students of lower classes are also encouraged to apply).

E Mail us at [email protected] to schedule an interview. Send us your phone number and skype id during application.

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