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Indian National Math Olympiad 2012 Question Paper

February 5, 2012


  1. I got multiples of 10 as answer for ques 6(2.)whether its correct or not

  2. I think it will be multiples of 5, I also verified it.

  3. It will be surely multiples of 5. You may send us your answer.

  4. yea its multiples of 5 i wrote the exam and im sure its right

  5. Even I think it is multiples of 5. To check, apply eqn 1 for x=2,y=5. We get f(5)=1.

  6. What are the maximum marks awarded to each question?

  7. Dude! It's obviously multiples of 5! Come on! How could you have ever got multiples of 10?

  8. can any of u tell answers for all the questions

  9. I got 10-multiple.How many marks can I expect for it.Please tell me approximately.

  10. answers are also posted in this blog

  11. ok thanx, I got it. I am Sai sumanth Please reply to my question on that page.

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