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IIT JAM Statistics Entrance Exam books based on Syllabus

Indian Institute of Technology is one of the top statistics departments in the country with great research and placement opportunities. It conducts an entrance exam for the aspirants who want to pursue a master's in Statistics called the IIT JAM MS Entrance Exam. To crack this exam, the best source of study materials is the right books. So, I am here to provide you the list of useful books for IIT JAM MS Entrance Exam preparation based on Syllabus.

A short note on the IIT JAM MS Entrance Exam: The MS programme offers advance level training in the theory, methods and applications of Statistics along with specialized training in selected areas of Statistics and allied fields. Depending on the area of specialization, students would be able to pursue an academic/research career in Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, and allied fields.

IIT JAM MS Entrance Exams Books according to the syllabus:

As mentioned in the website Entrance Exam mainly consists of 2 topics:

  • Mathematics (40%)
  • Probability and Statistics (60%)

Let's start with the Mathematics books required for IIT JAM MS Entrance Exam Preparation:

High School Mathematics - The mathematics part is super easy. So just be fluent in your 10+2 syllabus of mathematics and have a piece of sound knowledge in Calculus and Linear Algebra. Also, solve past year problems.

Although High School Mathematics part come less in the examination.

Let's discuss the books for Probability and Statistics Part, breaking it into different subsections according to the syllabus:

  1. Combinatorics and Probability Theory
    1. Book 1: (Chapter 1 - 8) -
      1. A First Course in Probability by Sheldon Ross
      2. Pdf File
    2. Book 2: (Chapter 1 - 7)
      1. An Introduction to Probability and Statistics 
    3. Book 3: (Chapter 1 - 6) [For Quicker Purposes]
      1. Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis by J.A.Rice
      2.  Pdf File
  2. Linear Algebra
    1. Book: (Chapter 1 - 5, 7)
      1. Linear Algebra and Its Applications by Gilbert Strang
      2. Pdf File 
      3. Lecture Series: Linear Algebra Lecture Series
  3. Calculus and Real Analysis
    1. Book: (Chapter 2, 4, 5, 7)
      1. Understanding Analysis by Stephen Abbott
      2. Pdf File
  4. Statistics
    1. Statistical Inference
      1. Book 1: (Chapter 7, 8, 9)
        1. Statistical Inference by Casella Berger 
        2. Pdf File
      2. Book 2: Chapter (8,9)
        1. Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis by J.A.Rice
        2.  Pdf File

5. A book named "Solutions to IIT JAM for Mathematical Statistics" by Amit Mishra and Mohd. Arshad covers previous year solutions till 2018. You can consider buying that book for your IIT JAM MS Preparation.

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