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Judgements in a Fitful Realm | Cheenta Probability Series

This post discusses how judgements can be quantified to probabilities, and how the degree of beliefs can be structured with respect to the available evidences in decoding uncertainty leading towards Bayesian Thinking.

Probability From A Frequentist’s Perspective || Cheenta Probability Series

This post discusses about the history of frequentism and how it was an unperturbed concept till the advent of Bayes. It sheds some light on the trending debate of frequentism vs bayesian thinking.

Some Classical Problems And Paradoxes In Geometric Probability||Cheenta Probability Series

This is our 6th post in our ongoing probability series. In this post, we deliberate about the famous Bertrand’s Paradox, Buffon’s Needle Problem and Geometric Probability through barycentres.

How to Measure the Length of your Earphone from a Pic?| Cheenta Probability Series

This is our 5th post in the Cheenta Probability Series. This article teaches how to mathematically estimate the length of an earphone wire by it’s picture.

Physics of Coin Tossing and Uncertainty | Cheenta Probability Series

This is our 4th post in the Cheenta Probability Series. This article deals with mainly the physics involved in coin tossing, and based on such problems how it effects the chances of the outcome of coin toss , and how it reveals the true nature of uncertainty !!

An Unexpected Correspondence and some Unfinished Games | Cheenta Probability Series

This is our 2nd post on Cheenta Probability series, where we discuss mainly with two gambling problems, solved collaboratively by two great mathematcians Blaise Pascal and Pierre de Fermat, who ended up defining the idea of fairness of a game.

Measuring Chances and Coincidences | Cheenta Probability Series

This blog series is aimed towards Undergraduates in Statistics who want to savour probability theory in a different form altogether. We are pretty curious to collaborate and interact with probability theory enthusiasts. It would be great if they enlighten us with their insights too.