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How to Prepare for ISI B.Math Entrance ~ Gnanananda Shreyas

Learn from the Achiever - Gnanananda Shreyas (ISI B.Math, 2021)
Gnanananda Shreyas

Gnanananda Shreyas - ISI B.Math Entrance Success Story

Gnanananda Shreyas has made it to the ISI B.Math Entrance 2021 Merit List. 

He shared with us how he prepared for the ISI Entrance in an interview with Cheenta. This interview will take you through the preparation journey of Gnanananda for ISI Entrance 2021 and can help you with some insights that you can utilize for your CMI preparation.
Here are some of the questions, that he answered in the interview. You may find more insights in the video provided below.

Tell us about yourself.

I am Gnanananda Shreyas, Class 12th Passout. I recently made it to the merit list of the Indian Statistical Institute, India.

How did you get interested in Mathematics?

My interest in math started from my curiosity in Physics. I did a lot of math to study Advanced Physics but I didn't know much about Olympiads and stuff but I had heard about ISI and CMI as one of the very reputed institutes in India, so I started studying for it with olympiad math and UG real analysis and that's when I really fell in love with math and wanted to pursue it.

How did you prepare for the ISI Entrance?
My preparation went like I would pick a topic and then study it till I felt I have a good understanding of that topic and then move on to the next topic and sometimes if the topic I choose was boring like coordinate is a topic I personally feel is boring I would simultaneously do questions from the topics as I like to keep my self motivated.
Can you suggest some books that had helped you in your preparation?
For books, I used principles and techniques in combinatorics, excursion in mathematics, mathematical circles, pathfinder, and problem-solving strategies.
Note that: I did not finish any of these books but mostly referred to them for theory and problems on the topics I wanted to study
What are you planning next?
I want to explore more math in my ug program and then decide what I want to do next.

How Cheenta helped you in your ISI - CMI preparation?
I can say without a doubt that it would have been impossible without Cheenta to achieve my goal. Cheenta helped me a lot with my problem-solving skills and suggested to me all the books that I had followed and also gave a lot of tips as to how I can tackle the exam.
I really liked the one-on-one classes and was fortunate enough to get a good mentor (i.e., Jatin Kumar Dey). He helped me by suggesting me a lot of resources for reference and also helped me a lot with my doubts. I also loved Aritra and Satya Sirs' daily classes. It was really fun solving problems in class and I loved my experience at Cheenta.

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