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How Aryan Prakash Succeeded in various Advanced Mathematics Contests

Learn from the Achiever - Aryan Prakash
Aryan Prakash

Aryan Prakash - Success Story

Recently, Ayran Prakash has performed really well in various examinations and contests. 

These achievements include:

1) Qualified IOQM and appeared for INMO
2) Qualified AMC and appeared for AIME
3) Gold in SASMO(2020 and 2021), HKIMO, AIMO, PIMSO math, and high distinction in DOKA Math, conducted by SIMCC Singapore with Global Rank 1.
4) Perfect score in SIMOC 2021 and a bronze award in the Math Mastermind Challenge
5) Gold awardee in IYMC 2020
6) Certificate of distinction in the Fryer, Pascal, and Euclid Contests by the CEMC
7) Gold in SEAMO 2020, and bronze in SEAMO X 2020
8) Bronze award in Math Kangaroo 2021, National Top 100 in the same
9) Qualified for NMTC stage 2 in years 2020 and 2021
10) Qualified for the LIMIT CAMP 2021 with an overall rank of 7 in the objective and subjective LIMIT exam
11) Got the overall 1st runner up in the IJMO exam 2020

He shared with us how he prepared for these contests in an interview with Cheenta. This interview will take you through the preparation journey and can help you with some insights that you can utilize for your preparation too.
Here are some of the questions, that he answered in the interview. You may find more insights in the video provided below.

Tell us about yourself.

I am Aryan Prakash, a student of Class 10. I love playing chess, cricket, football, table tennis, and doing math. Math is my passion because there is so much to learn, that humanity does not know and that is what pushes me to discover new results in mathematics and its beauty is what draws me toward it.

How did you prepare for IOQM and all other examinations?
For exams such as IOQM, theory, and problem-solving are both very important. So I started from the basics, built up my theory, and solved the past papers of PRMO. For other exams, I would say the main key is to solve the past papers to get an idea of what you should revise and what you should learn.
Can you suggest some books or study materials that had helped you in your preparation?
1) Pathfinder Senior by Vikas Tiwari Sir is a really nice book for RMO and RMO
2) AMC 10 and AIME papers
3) EGMO by Evan Chen which helps to this date is a beautiful book for Olympiad geometry
4) The Homework problem sets that are given by Cheenta
5) is the best mathematics discussion site in the world, It has numerous collections of old contests from various countries and solutions by many different people.
6) is another beautiful site for finding many solutions to questions asked
7) Past papers for IOQM, PRMO, RMO, INMO, AMC10, AIME, and many more....
8) The Cheenta youtube channel is also a brilliant resource to find solutions to many concepts and problems
What are you planning next?
I hope to do well in IOQM this year, and if I qualify for INMO, I hope to do better in INMO this year. Also, I hope to qualify for NMTC stage 2 and hope to be on the merit list this year.
How Cheenta helped you in your preparation?
The daily practice given at Cheenta, along with amazing theory and problem-solving classes, was the perfect blend for me to achieve my desired goals.
I am more than satisfied with the mentoring and the teaching, tutoring by all the faculty members of Team Cheenta, led by our captain, Ashani Sir. and appreciate the consistent communication about feedback from the administration team of Cheenta.

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