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How to Prepare for IISER & IIT JAM Mathematics Entrance Exams ~ Sudev Satheesh

Learn from the Achiever - Sudev Satheesh (got into IISER TVM after clearing JAM)
Sudev Satheesh

Sudev Satheesh's Success Story

Sudev Satheesh got into the Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram (IISER TVM) after clearing IIT JAM Mathematics, 2022. 

He shared with us how he prepared for these Entrances in an interview with Cheenta. This interview will take you through the preparation journey of Sudev for IISER and IIT JAM Math Entrances 2022 and can help you with some insights that you can utilize for your preparation.
Here are some of the questions, that he answered in the interview. 

Tell us about yourself.

I am Sudev Satheesh, B.Sc (Hons.) Math Student from Amrita University. I recently got into IISER TVM after clearing IIT JAM Mathematics Entrance Exams.

I like math, because it has application in varied fields and I love this applied side of mathematics.

How did you prepare for these Entrances?
I was into applied side, but had to work hard in the pure domain of Mathematics. For the pure side, I referred to lots of books and practiced problems as suggested by my teachers.

Can you suggest some resources (books, YouTube channels and websites) that had helped you in your preparation?

Books authored by Herstien and Artin for algebra, Bartle, Apostol for analysis and book titled "Linear algebra done right" for linear algebra helped me a lot. Then I attended courses offered by Edx for differential equations and vector calculus.

What are you planning next?
I'm planning to do Masters, then aiming to do Ph.D. in applied side of Mathematics.
Any advice for the current aspirants?
Solve problems and learn from your failures. Just enjoy learning and work hard at the same time.
How Cheenta helped you in your preparation?
The 1-1 session helped me work on my weaknesses and all teachers were patient and helpful in clearing my doubts or explaining any new concepts.

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