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How to Prepare for CMI Data Science Entrance ~ Ritirupa Dey

Learn from the Achiever - Ritirupa Dey
Ritirupa Dey

Ritirupa Dey - CMI Data Science Success Story

Ritirupa Dey has cleared the CMI Data Science 2021 Entrance Examination. 

She shared with us how she prepared for the CMI Data Science in an interview with the Cheenta Statistics and Analytics Department. This interview will take you through the preparation journey of Ritirupa for CMI Data Science 2021 and can help you with some insights that you can utilize for your preparation.

When did you start preparing for CMI Data Science Entrance Examination?

From around mid-January 2020.
Share your preparation journey in as much detail as you can.
In order to crack the CMI Data Science Entrance examination,you need to have strong foundations of Mathematics,Statistics and Computer Science. You need to focus on each of these spheres equally.
I had Statistics Hons. for my Bachelor's, so I didn't have to prepare separately for the Statistics part of the CMI exam. My basic concepts were clear and strong, so I didn't face much difficulty in the Stat portion. For the Mathematics part,I had to revise my 10+2 Maths again, especially chapters like Functions, Relations and Calculus. As for the Comp Sc. part, I already knew two programming languages (Python and C), so I just needed to brush up my programming skills a bit again and practise writing algorithms and interpreting psuedocodes.
Overall, you have to be diligent and hardworking consistently throughout your Bachelor's. It is not a day's or a month's work which helps you crack CMI but it is a continuous effort from your part.
Any books / online resources / videos that you found useful for yourself during your preparations.
  • Refer to the recommended books on the CMI website.
  • Practice any Objective Book of JEE for the Maths MCQ part.
  • As for subjective, practice writing answers precisely and to the point.
What did you do on the last day of your exam?
I just relaxed and brushed on certain formulae on the last day of the exam.
What do you think are the important topics for the CMI Data Science exam?
  • Combinatorics
  • Calculus
  • Probability Distributions
  • Interpreting Psuedocodes and
  • Data Interpretation.
How did you attempt the question paper? How should one attempt the question paper to maximize the marks?
You need manage your time very efficiently during exam.Attempt easy questions which you are sure about first.Don't waste too much time on a question.
How did you manage your time during the exam?
I divided my time equally for the MCQ and subjective and attempted the easy questions first.

How did you manage your exam preparation alongside your work and exams?

You need to devote time to both your college exam and competitive exam equally. Maybe study for college exam in the morning and competitive later during the day. It totally depends on the individual how he wants to divide his schedule.
What are the mistakes you made, that you don't want your juniors to make?
Don't spend too much time on a question, as I have said earlier. Even if you know the answer for a subjective question partly, write it down as there is step marking for subjective part.
Anything you want to say to the students?
Study hard, stay focused. But, don't over-stress yourself. Relaxation is important as well for the mind. All the best! Rock your exam!

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