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How to Prepare for CMI Data Science Entrance ~ Pragya Jaiswal

Learn from the Achiever - Pragya Jaiswal
Pragya Jaiswal

Pragya Jaiswal - CMI Data Science Success Story

Pragya Jaiswal has cleared the CMI Data Science 2021 Entrance Examination. 

She shared with us how she prepared for the CMI Data Science in an interview with the Cheenta Statistics and Analytics Department. This interview will take you through the preparation journey of Pragya for CMI Data Science 2021 and can help you with some insights that you can utilize for your preparation.

When did you start preparing for CMI Data Science Entrance Examination?

I started preparing for the exam in April 2021.
Share your preparation journey in as much detail as you can.
I started by solving all previous year papers once. Then I spent some time on understanding the theory and practicing sums from all the topics in the syllabus. This took about 2.5 -3 months.

After all the topics were covered, I solved the previous year papers again and checked my progress. Now with about 1.5 months in hand I started looking further into topics which I had doubts in or found a little difficult. I solved different kinds of sums to get a deeper understanding of the topics.

During the last few weeks I had opted for the mock test series of Cheenta and helped me keep a check on my progress. Every time I couldn't solve a problem, I went back to the theory for that topic and cleared my doubts.

Make summary sheets and formula sheets for each topic you cover. This helps in learning as well as understanding the concepts.

Along with all of this a regular study schedule and dedicated time for preparation as well as some time for recreation is very important as it helps in relieving stress.
Any books / online resources / videos that you found useful for yourself during your preparations.

For topics in maths any JEE preparation book is good for sums and any standard textbook for 11-12 is good for understanding theory.

Although I did not need much practice with LR, questions in it can be solved from any CAT book.
Go through basic known codes for pseudocode part of the paper.

Overall, make the best use of all the resources available online. YouTube videos were very useful in clearing doubts and understanding of various topics.

What did you do on the last day of your exam?

I did not study on the day before the exam. Only looked through the summary sheets I had made once.

For me it is important to not do a lot before any exam as it only induces stress and decreases confidence.
What do you think are the important topics for the CMI Data Science exam?
  • Combinatorics
  • Probability
  • Distributions
  • Calculus (mainly maxima-minima)
  • Logic and programming as they are very scoring
  • 1 question from Pigeonhole principle is always there on the paper so that can be scoring too.
How did you attempt the question paper? How should one attempt the question paper to maximize the marks?
Divide the 3 hour time into 4 parts. First slot of 1 hr 15 mins where you should solve all the MCQ you know. If the time ends, move on from MCQ even if you know more answers.

Second slot of 1 hr should be used for solving subjective questions. You should always write something against almost all questions here as there is no negative marking and part marking. So you get marks for even getting the concepts right.
For the next 30 mins, go back to MCQ if there are known MCQ left. If not, add this time to next slot.
For the last 15 mins go back to unknown MCQ and then unknown subjective questions.

Make sure you don't make mistakes marking the answers in MCQ.
How did you manage your time during the exam?
I stuck to my plan of answering the paper as much as it was possible.
Move on from a question if you can't solve it. Do not waste time finding the right answer.

How did you manage your exam preparation alongside your work and exams?

Dedication and consistency are very important while preparing for any exam.
You need to fix a time for both college/work and entrance preparation. Make a schedule and stick to it.
What are the mistakes you made, that you don't want your juniors to make?
Sometimes I got lazy and pushed one day's task to another but if that keeps happening, things start piling up and then it becomes difficult to get back to it.

Don't lose hope till the day the results are announced.
Anything you want to say to the students?
All the best for your preparation. It is not very difficult if you give it enough time and effort. That being said, if you do not clear the exam, do not give up and go and give your 100% in the next thing you want to do.

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