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How Mann Shah Achieved Gold in HKIMO, AIMO & SASMO

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Mann Shah is a Gold Awardee in HKIMO (Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad), AIMO (Asia International Mathematical Olympiad), and SASMO (Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad) 2021. He is a student of Class 7 and also a proud Young Achiever of Cheenta.

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Mann Shah
Mann Shah

Mann says, "I like Math, Problem Solving, Cubing and Coding (LaTeX, Asymptote, etc). I really like math because the feeling when you solve a problem is amazing and that feeling when you finally solve a hard problem is not there in almost any other field."

His Achievements:

Mann has achieved Gold medal in SASMO, Gold medal in HKIMO, Gold medal in AIMO. He was also amongst the top 15 students in NMTC. He is also the perfect scorer in the Gauss contest.

Our Questions and Mann's Answer:

How did you prepare for these Math Competitions?

Mann: "I did the GEMS Primary series first and then, I did some random problems from the SubJunior and Junior level also. It really helped me because the paper this year was almost as hard as the routine SubJunior papers."

What is your next goal?

Mann: "I am planning to participate in next year’s PRMO/IOQM and get selected for RMO/INMO."

How Cheenta helped you in your preparation?

Mann: "Cheenta really helped me because it improved my thinking level and inspired me to go beyond my limits and at the root, what these exams test is just your thinking level and courage to learn new concepts."

He added, "I really like Cheenta as they always teach new types of concepts and they really improve your thinking level and help you realize the beauty of mathematics."

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