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How to Prepare for CMI Entrance ~ John Tom

Learn from the Achiever - John Tom (CMI 2022)
John Tom

John Tom - CMI Entrance Success Story

John Tom has cracked the CMI Entrance 2022 Examination. 

He shared with us how he prepared for the CMI Entrance in an interview with Cheenta. This interview will take you through the preparation journey of John for CMI Entrance 2022 and can help you with some insights that you can utilize for your CMI preparation.
Here are some of the questions, that he answered in the interview. 

Tell us about yourself

I am John Tom, Class 12th Student from Primus Public School. I recently qualified the Chennai Mathematical Institute, CMI Entrance Test. In addition, I wrote RMO in 2019, ranked 2nd in the Cantor Dust mathematical tournament.

I have few interests like origami and mathematics. I've been passionate about mathematics for the last 4 years. I got into it through Olympiad Mathematics. There's something very satisfying about a clever mathematical idea that a good problem hides from you when you see it.

How did you prepare for the CMI?
There was nothing very specific to my preparation. Assuming you are already thorough with the basics of mathematics (that you learn at school) the best thing for these entrances is practice. Get your hands on good problems that will teach you useful techniques which can be used later.

Can you suggest some resources (books, YouTube channels and websites) that had helped you in your preparation?

Problem Solving Strategies, Mathematical Circles, Evan Chen's EGMO, Bartle and Sherbert, 104 Number theory Problems by Titu Andreescu are some of the books I've enjoyed over the past 4 years. AoPS Online is a very useful tool in mathematical problem solving.

What are you planning next?

I'm currently waiting for the ISI results and depending on it I would have to decide where to go. My interests are better suited at CMI but I live in Bangalore so ISI seems great if I clear it
Any advice for the current aspirants?
Focus on actually solving problems and being comfortable with making simple connections between logical steps rather than trying to learn something fancy. The entrance examinations of ISI and CMI need you to think with a clear mind.
How Cheenta helped you in your ISI - CMI preparation?
The 5-days-a-week problem solving sessions are the main thing for aspirants to look for. Aritra sir hand picks great problems that implement the techniques he teaches in a concise manner.

I liked the system we had over here. But I would say that the weekday problem solving sessions should be always exclusively for ISI/CMI students.

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