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How Cheenta students did so well in ISI - CMI Entrances

2021 has been an incredible year. Nine of Cheenta's present and erstwhile students ranked within top 100 in India in Indian Statistical Institute B.Stat and B.Math Entrance and Chennai Mathematical Institute's B.Sc. Math Entrance.

We do not want to take their credit. They worked really hard to achieve this. We are thrilled to celebrate their performance.

ISI - CMI Entrance 2021 success - super nine

  1. Gautham Viswanathan
  2. Varun Balasubramanium
  3. Gnanananda Sreyas
  4. Devansh Kamra
  5. Aditya Vinay Prabhu
  6. Sampreety Pillai (ex-student)
  7. Saptarshi Sadhukhan (ex-student)
  8. Subhranil Deb (ex-student)
  9. Saikat Sengupta (ex-student)

Click on the the names to learn about how they prepared for ISI-CMI Entrance 2021.

What factors helped this success story?

We noticed that these kids were the most regular ones in the class. The first and the most important factor was their hard work. Here are certain aspects of Cheenta programs that may have helped:

Five-days-a-week problem solving

This is a unique feature of Cheenta Programs. Apart from the regular concept classes there are five - days - a -week practice sessions with expert faculty members and selective problems. This ensures consistency in the student and keeps him / her busy with beautiful problems. In a challenging entrance like ISI - CMI or contest like math olympiad practicing more and more problems is extremely important.

Taught by students of ISI-CMI, Olympians, Researchers

Since the program is taught people who have done it and been there, the energy level in the classes is always high.

Graded Homework Tutorial - every week

We recently added extra homework tutorial where students receives help on how to solve homework problems. After they submit their work, these homework problems are graded. This happens every week and helps the students to improve their mathematical writing.

What is next?

Cheenta can continue to help you even after you get into ISI, CMI or some other college. If you want to pursue a research career in mathematics, watch this video to learn more about what lies ahead.

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