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August 14, 2014

Homological Triangles: Mathematics in Summer 2014

This is a session plan for 'Mathematics in Summer 2014'. (Venue: Scotland, Glasgow). Let's discuss Homological Triangles.

  • Introduction to homological triangles, perspectivities. Menalaus' Theorem, Desargues Theorem
  • Anti parallel lines, some examples of homological triangles, homothety as a special case of homology, cevian, orthic triangle, some basic properties of angle bisectors'
  • Special Triangles and points: anti-supplemental triangle, K-Symmedian Triangle, Carnot's Theorem and the Lemoine Line
  • Special Triangles Continued: Tangential Triangle, Contact Triangle, Gergonne's point, Cotangent triangle, Nagel Line
  • Revisit to all the topics.

Reference Books (for later use)

  • The geometry of homological triangles by Florentin and Petrescu
  • Projective Geometry by Coxeter
in London, toward Glasgow

in London, toward Glasgow

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