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Hall of Fame

What is success?
That one student who solved geometry problems brilliantly but never succeeded in the test of Math Olympiad. He is not in this list. The other kid, who traveled two hours every week to learn combinatorics, is also absent. Nevertheless… here are a few of the remaining jewels.

Read on.. but keep in mind

Student’s success is mostly dependent on multiple factors. We do not want to take credit for their hard-work. Unfortunately, sometimes prospective parents ask about past success stories.

Anushka Agarwal
INMO awardee, IMO Training Camp India

Shuborno Das
INMO awardee, IMO Training Camp India

Ritam Nag
INMO awardee, IMO Training Camp India

Aditya Ghosh
Qualified for Oxford University (Mathematics)

Sambuddha Majumdar
Scotland Math Tournament Gold Medal

Esther Lee
Received offer from University of California Berkeley

Subhajit Bhattacharyya
Indian Statistical Institute (B.Math). TIFR.

Sauvik Mondal
Indian Statistical Institute (B.Math)

Krishnendu Bhowmick
Chennai Mathematical Institute

Writabrata Bhattacharyya
Chennai Mathematical Institute

Shalmali Bandyopadhyay
Chennai Mathematical Institute

Shahbaz Khan
Indian Statistical Institute (B.Math)

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