Get Started with Advanced Mathematics and Science Olympiad Programs

What you Get by Enrolling

Cheenta advanced programs are delivered live online and at our Calcutta Center. We specialize in working with advanced students, from all around the world.

2 Advanced Lecture Sessions per week

There are 2 90-minute lecture cum problem solving session for each course every week. They are delivered live online as well as at our Calcutta Center

Taught by Masters

Cheenta advanced programs are taught by Ex-Olympians and researchers. They are the masters of their craft. Many of the Cheenta faculty members are also ex-Cheenta students.

Troubleshooting Sessions

Each subject (Maths, Physics, Computer Science and Chemistry) has its own Doubt Clearing session every week.

Monthly Assignments and Testing

The lectures and problem solving sessions are punctuated by Monthly assignments and tests. They consists of motivating problems that supplement the main course-work.

Online and Offline

Students have the opportunity to learn online. Students living in Calcutta has the additional opportunity to attend direct classes at our center. This does not require any extra payment.

Outstanding Community

Cheenta Students have an outstanding community of problem solvers at their disposal. They are always active in problem solving and interacting in our online discussion groups.