Curving the infinity!

Imagine squashing the infinite inside small circular disc! Lines bending or sliding to make room for the ‘outside territory’ inside. 

In the upcoming open slate Cheenta Seminar, we tackle this exciting problem from Geometry. Admission is free but the seats are limited.

Registration is Open now

We can accomodate 25 students in the session. Register early to book your seat.

We have three different seminars on the same date:

Level 1: For students of Class III to Class VIII

Level 2: For students of Class IX to XII

Level 3: For college students


  • 3rd May, Thursday, 2018
  • 8 PM I.S.T.

What do I need to attend the seminar?

A laptop or computer with active Internet connection, Skype, and a latest browser (firefox or chrome).

Webcam is not required.


Live and Online

What is the admission fee?

The seminar is free. However we have 25 seats only. So register early.

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