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    2) Congruance is Equivalance Numbers

    • for Any numbers N,M — |N-N| is divisible by M  –> Reflexive ( N~ N)
    • if two numbers N, P — |N-P| is divisible by M, then |P-N| also divisible by M –> Symmetric (N~P)
    • If three NumberN,P,Q — |N-P| is divisible by M and |P-Q| is divisible by M then|N-Q| is also divisible by M — Transitive ( N ~ P ~ Q )

    Hence, Congruance of Numbers is Equivalance

    Gouri Basak

    To prove – congruence of numbers is an equivalence relation

    Let us take a line segment AB of length n and a scale of 3 m to measure it

    In this way we can easily prove it when it is reflexive,symmetric and transitive.

    i) It is reflexive if we take the point A itself,it measures 0 m and 0 is multiple of every number

    ii) It is symmetric because if we take the length between point A and B and if it is divisible by 3, then it is obviously true that the length between point B and A is also divisible by 3

    iii) It is also transitive because if we make an extra point C outside AB and the length AB is divisible by 3 and the length BC is divisible by 3 then it is also true that AC is divisible by 3

    Thus it proves that congruency of numbers is an equivalence relation


    haimanti roy

    Congruence of glued points:

    Proof: A must be glued to A since it is itself.(reflexive)

    If A is glued to B, then B is glued to A(symmetric)

    If A is glued to B, and B is glued to C, then A must be glued to C.(transitive)

    Thus the statement is proved faciliment. 🙂






    Writaban Sarkar

    Let us have a scale with length m.We see that if we have a line AB, such that m divides the length AB, then AB is congruent to itself, since the length is 0. We also see that AB~BA since they are of same length. Now if we have two lines AB and BC, such that m divides the length AB and CD, then we have that the length of AC is divisible by m, since they are AC=AB+BD. So, congruence is an equivalence. Hence, proven.

Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)
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