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Competency in Focus: Divisibility This problem from American Mathematics contest (AMC 8, 2017) is based on the concept of divisibility .

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Let \(Z\) be a 6-digit positive integer, such as 247247, whose first three digits are the same as its last three digits taken in the same order. Which of the following numbers must also be a factor of \(Z\)? \((A)11\qquad(B)19\qquad(A)101\qquad(A)111\qquad(A)1111\)
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American Mathematical Contest 2017, AMC 8  Problem 7
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Take \(Z\) as \(\overline{\rm ABCABC}\).
Calculate the alternating sum of the digits. i.e., \(A-B+C-A+B-C=0\) then it is dibisible by \(11\)

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