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Data Science and its Less Cooler Brother - Data Engineering

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Join the Open Seminar on the "Data Science and its Less Cooler Brother - Data Engineering" by Swarnabja Bhowmik.

26th June, 2022


Exclusively for Students of Class 7 to 12.


We are surrounded by data nearly anywhere and everywhere we go. And as recent advances would have it, one could say the same about Data Science in the academic fraternity.

But apart from developing with Machine Learning algorithms, it's also important to understand the origin and the requirements, which at the end of the day is to paint a captivating story with data…and how the recently widely-popular domain of Data Engineering (termed as 'Data Science's less cooler brother) plays a key role in getting data oriented, analzyed and compatible for ML frameworks.

This seminar seeks to shed light on the respective domains, the concepts, the tools, their borders as well as transcendence.

To join the seminar via Google Meet and ask your queries upfront, please click on the button below to register to join the WhatsApp group.

Swarnabja Bhowmik

Swarnabja Bhowmik

B.Tech in Computer Science from the University of Calcutta. IEEE Publications.

Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Cheenta alumni.

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