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ISI - CMI Entrance Self Paced Course - Cheenta ISI - CMI Entrance Self Paced Course - Cheenta

ISI - CMI Entrance Self Paced Course

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About Course

The BStat - BMath Entrance of Indian Statistical Institute and BSc. Math Course of Chennai Mathematical Institute are two of the most challenging high school entrances in mathematics in India. These entrances test the ability of a student to solve non-routine problems from high school topics as well as Number Theory, Geometry and Combinatorics.

Cheenta has two beautiful courses for ISI - CMI Entrances.

  1. Self Paced Video Based Course
  2. Live Online Classroom Program

This self - paced course includes video lectures on non-routine topics such as Number Theory, Geometry, Combinatorics, Algebra and Calculus, suitable for ISI-CMI Entrances. It also includes mock tests, topic wise tests and assignments.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Number Theory
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Combinatorics
  • Calculus

Course Content

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Learn the fundamentals of counting principle useful for ISI - CMI Entrances

Learn the basics of Euclidean Geometry through problem solving, for ISI and CMI Entrances

Learn advanced algebra topics such polynomials, inequalities, functional equations and complex numbers suitable for ISI - CMI Entrances

Number Theory
Learn fundamentals of elementary number theory and related problems suitable for ISI - CMI Entrances.

Learn fundamentals of differential and integral calculus and advanced problems related to these topics suitable for ISI - CMI Entrances.

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