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Computer Science Olympiad Program

An advanced program in Computer Science

The Computer Science Olympiad program is geared toward International Olympiad in Informatics. The primary goal of this programs to understand and apply various algorithmic techniques in problem-solving. 








The Masters of Computer Science


Small workgroups of brilliant students, a deeply personalized journey.


Who is Eligible?

Physics Olympiad Program

If you have a particular interest in programming, theoretical computer science, and discrete mathematics, you will be able to appreciate this program. Usually, students of grade 6 through high school may apply. The admission process involves an online interview cum trial class.

We have three levels of the program: Early Bird, Intermediate and Advanced. After trial class, we will be able to give you a detailed feedback on which level is suitable for you.

Know the Trainers


Cheenta Computer Science faculty members include computer scientists from IIT KGP, mathematicians from Indian Statistical Institute and young computer engineers from Calcutta University. We are the premier organization since 2010, that specializes only in Olympiad Training. 

Over the last 7 years, we have trained hundreds of outstanding students from over 5 countries, including Singapore, India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and several Middle East countries. Our students went on to perform brilliantly in Olympiads and other contests.


Get Curious


Cheenta programs are usually more rigorous and personal than usual tutorials. To know more

Join us for the trial cum interview session. 

Our programs demand consistent hard work from students. Apply only if you can commit that.


What our students say

We are committed to a long-term journey toward conceptual depth and the art of problem-solving. It is a passionate, personal journey built on deep faculty-student connections.







Apply for Admission

You will be first attending a trial class cum interview online



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Reasoning for the Machine

These discussions incorporate some beautiful problems in Computer Science.




Useful Resouces

Find books, software, syllabus that we use in this section.



Essential Books

  • Structured Computer Organization by Andrew S. Tanenbaum
  • Fundamental Algorithm by Donald Knuth
  • A short introduction to the art of programming by Dr. Edsger Djikstra
  • Introductory theory of computer science by Krishnamurthy
  • Foundation of discrete mathematics by Joshi

Softwares / Web Services

  • Standard C/C++ IDE
  • SAGE Mathematics Portal
  • Python



The computer science olympiad program comprises of several modules. Here are some of them






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