College Mathematics Program

For ISI M.Math, IIT JAM, TIFR, and Subject GRE

Advanced topics in mathematics such as group theory, real analysis, vector calculus and linear algebra.

For college students and graduates.

Taught by researchers

++ One on One class for every student

++ Group Class every week

++ Always – On doubt clearing – helpline

College Math Program

College Mathematics Program

The higher mathematics program caters to advanced college and university students. It is useful for I.S.I. M.Math Entrance, GRE Math Subject Test, TIFR Ph.D. Entrance, I.I.T. JAM.

The program is problem driven. We work with candidates who have a deep love for mathematics. This program is also useful for adults continuing who wish to rediscover the world of mathematics.

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Every week student meets a faculty for one-on-one session. These sessions are homework workshops. They are also great for personalized doubt clearing.

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Group classes on Advanced Topics

Group Classes (in addition to the One on One classes) are great to learn particular topics like Number Theory, Geometry, Algebra, Combinatorics and Calculus.

Homework and Doubt Clearing

Cheenta support desk is active round the clock. Student doubts are addressed systematically in-class and beyond.

The homework system includes daily dose of problems, monthly tests and mock examinations.

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Abstract Algebra

 Rings, Fields, Sylow’s Theorem, Lagrange Theorem, Galois Theory, Isomorphism Theorems

Real Analysis

Sequences, Limit, Continuity, Uniform Continuity, Heine Borel Theorem, Convergence Tests

Vector Calculus

Vector fields, Multivariable calculus, Tangent Spaces, Gradients and Jacobian, Green’s Theorem, Stoke’s Theorem.

Complex Analysis*

Field of complex numbers, Geometric Interpretation, Cauchy Riemann Equation, Complex Integrals

Linear Algebra

Vector Spaces, Linear Transformations, Matrices, Eigen Values, Eigen vectors, Spectral Theory


Point Set Topology, Metric Spaces, Compactness, Connectedness, Completeness