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The higher mathematics program caters to advanced college and university students. It is useful for I.S.I. M.Math Entrance, GRE Math Subject Test, TIFR Ph.D. Entrance, I.I.T. JAM.

The program is problem driven. We work with candidates who have a deep love for mathematics. This program is also useful for 'continuing' mature students who wish to rediscover the world of mathematics.



The higher mathematics program consists of the following topics:

Linear Algebra

Abstract Algebra (Groups, Rings, Fields)

Real Analysis and Point Set Topology

Vector Calculus


The program has no age bar. Students aspiring for various Ph.D. and Masters level entrances in India as well as GRE Subject Mathematics Test may apply.

Adults, who wish learn and enjoy the world of advanced mathematics may also take the course.


The tests of I.S.I., C.M.I., NBHM, T.I.F.R. are usually two-fold in nature. First, there is a written test. Next, the successful candidates are invited for an interview. The dates vary from year to year, hence keep an eye on the websites of respective institutions.

GRE Math Subjective Test if offered four times every year. It is a 66-problem, 170 minutes objective test covering a wide range of topics from college mathematics.


Admission to Cheenta Higher Mathematics Program is highly selective. It consists of an online interview and a test.

Students and adults from any background may apply. The zeal for learning great mathematics is the only important criteria.

E Mail us at [email protected] to schedule an interview. Send us your phone number and skype id during application.

Here is a sample lecture:



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