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CMI Tesselate Contest

What: Online Contest in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.

Organizations: Chennai Mathematical Institute

Who are eligible: Students of class 8 through 12

When: will be updated soon.

Links: (may not be active yet)

Comment: (by Writabrata Bhattacharya, faculty, Cheenta)

To all my friends who are in grade 8 to 12 or in college, as a part of Tesselate, an ONLINE contest is being planned by Chennai Mathematical Institute. The contest will be in math, physics, computer science. For Math, Physics and Informatics Olympiad aspirants (the real one) and as well as JEE aspirants, look at our facebook Tesselate page (don't forget to like) and visit the website:

P.S: For the winners, a camp will be organized in CMI. Spread the news to your friends and share this post. And don't forget to go to our official website right away!!

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