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Cheenta Toppers of the Month - January

We are really happy with the performance of our students and thus, we have initiated to name the Toppers of the month in Cheenta. The names of the toppers will be updated every month to keep the healthy competition alive in Cheenta. These toppers are named in this leader board according to their performance in regular quizzes, assignments, and regular exams.

So, here goes the list:

Serial no.Cheenta LevelsCheenta Toppers of the month (January)
1Level AMC Junior1. Sharanyaa Biswas

2.Mrinalini Biswas

3. Rahul Jain
2Level 11. Aarush Bhatia

2. Abhijnan Nanda

3. Spandan Pramanick
3Level 2*1. Sarthak Dhobale

2. Sreeram Venkatasubramanian

3. Srinja Malik
4Level 2A1. Sarthak Adhyapak

2. Vijay Kumar

3. Kanika Adhikari
5Level 31. Mounab Das

2. Abhineet Sharan

3. Alivia Roy
6Level 41. Rajvardhan Sing Sisidiya

2. Ryan Hota

3. Souradip Das
7Level 51. Gnanananda Shreyas

2. Gautham V

3. Sreevani Bh

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