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The faculty team of Cheenta comprises of Students and Researchers from leading universities in India and United States. Our experienced trainers include alumni from Indian Statistical Institute (India), Chennai Mathematical Institute (India), Pennsylvania State University, Ohio State University, and other world class universities all around the world.
A passionate teacher can make a world of difference
Students are influenced by the passion of the teachers and fellow students. Cheenta programs are home of this ambience of statistical journey. 
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It is personal. 

We worry when you miss a class or a homework.
Cheenta has concierge service for theory & problem solving classes. Each student and parent is attached to multiple team members of Cheenta for classes, problem solving, quizzes, assignments, & mock tests.
We notice and act when you fall behind.
Round the week our team keeps an eye on student work. If you miss the homework or fall behind on a certain topic, we notice it. Personalized groups are created to make the students express their doubts & issues. We have weekly doubt clearing sessions, & we grade your copies to understand where you stand.
We help you make a plan & measure your progress for your preparation.
Cheenta believes that outstanding education requires a proper plan, & measuring devices. We help the students curate a personalized plan, & help them measure their progress with lesson wise quizzes, assignments, grading, module wise quizzes, & mock tests. 
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We help you design your own career

Since 2020, we have outstanding performance of the students in IIT JAM MS, ISI M.Stat, & CMI M.Sc Data Science.

Cheenta students are engaged in data science projects.
Several students at Cheenta are involved in data science projects (apart from our programs).  They practically understand, & apply the theoretical knowledge, they are gaining into the data science projects. A wholesome knowledge & experience is the secret sauce behind the Cheenta students' passion, & success.
Career Discussion, Resume Sessions, Cheenta Alumni from IIT, ISI, CMI meet, and many more.
Our relationship with the students even beyond their admissions into graduation colleges. We are a community of passionate individuals, where the seniors are giving their best to help their juniors. We make sure the students make themselves ready for the career opportunities, preparation, & build real network with the top statistical & data science minds. 
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Cheenta Statistics Premier League
Cheenta Statistics Premier League is a pathway for a student to solve problems step by step & progress up the ladder of learning statistics, data science, & machine learning. There are three levels to being the master of the subject. Join the free community, & reach the top with your potential, & passion.

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What our students say...

  • The faculties are very encouraging. I had a time, when I thought to give up. And Srijit sir encouraged me in all possible ways he can. I m re-beginning the spirit to achieve greater again.

    Arun Parit

    3rd Year College, India
  • The teachers at Cheenta provide a very good in depth knowledge about the subject . The problem solving sessions introduces interesting Problems and helps during preparation.

    Hemant Banke

    3rd Year College, India
  • Cheenta has taken a very good initiative to improve students. I am very thankful to cheenta for their guidance and help.

    Bidhisha Ghosh

    IIT JAM MS 2021 Qualified
    Score: 50; AIR - 37

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Why Cheenta?
Why Cheenta?