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There are hundreds of scholarships, activity camps and resources available all around the world. Some of them are useful for you / your child. Others are not. Cheenta Team has a special wing that hunts down and then personalizes such opportunity information for each student. We also conduct scientific counselling and diagnosis processes to understand a student's success path.


Academic contests such as Olympiads, Science Fairs, and College level contests are literally everywhere these days. It is critical to select the ones which may have the most impact on one's career. This wildly varies from person to person and from country to country.

We help our students and parents to make the right choice. We find out great academic opportunities from all over the world and then personalize it for each student. It is a painstaking process and is always a work in progress. 


Natural Gift

Fortunately, human beings are diverse. Unfortunately, most trainers and teachers do not appreciate this fact. 

Some kids are good at visualizing things. Some are better are manipulating symbols. In fact, these two paths may be completely different. 

Our years of experience allows us to make that distinction. This insight is useful to understand a specific child's inclination and hone his / her skills in which he/she is most likely to succeed. We call this the Natural Gift. 

We often conduct counseling sessions for students and parents to help them figure out this Natural Gift. 


UCLA, United States, has a national math olympiad based full scholarship. Indian Statistical Institute has a similar opportunity. Like these, there are literally numerous opportunities floating around the world. 

Our team specifically hunts down these opportunities for our students. We also try to personalize these as much as possible. 

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