How Cheenta works to ensure student success?
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1-on-1 custom Math Programs

created by experts

1-on-1 customised programs to meet your personal needs. Our expert team will help you all the way.

designed by experts ... for you

Here are some examples

Custom programs that we have designed for students.

48 one-on-one hours for AMC 10

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16 hours one-on-one for Number Theory, PRMO

Make your own

4 hours one-on-one for AMC 10 doubt problems

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48 one-on-one hours for Combinatorics for PRMO

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24 one-on-one hours of Math Kangaroo Training

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6 hours one-on-one hours for ISI Entrance doubt clearing

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Let us know what you want. We will design a custom program just for you.

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Cheenta is a knowledge partner of Aditya Birla Education Academy

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Aditya Birla Education Academy

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