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Success Stories in Math Olympiad

  • Anushka Aggarwal

    Anushka Aggarwal

    Anushka was the youngest Indian National Math Olympiad awardee, European Girls Math Olympiad Awardee. She is joining MIT Math department in 2022. 

    Apart from being a student at Cheenta, she later taught at Cheenta, built the Centre of Mathematics for Girls.
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  • Arjun-Gupta

    Arjun Gupta

    Arjun Gupta is an Indian National Math Olympiad awardee. He also represented India in International Math Olympiad 2022.

    He was in the top 6 in all of India in mathematical olympiads. Here is a story of his experience with Cheenta and Mathematical Olympiads.
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  • Aryan Kalia

    Aryan Kalia

    Aryan Kalia has ranked within global top 1% in American Math Competition 10. He worked on a research project in Graph Theory as well at Cheenta.

    Aryan is going to Harvard University in Fall of  2022.

    He shared his story with us.
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  • Aryan Prakash

    Aryan Prakash

    Aryan Prakash is an Indian National Math Olympiad awardee. He also qualified in American Mathematics Competition and NMTC

    He shared his story with us.
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Math Olympiad - Offline

Cheenta offline math olympiad programs are currently conducted in Calcutta center, near Kalighat metro station. They are weekly workshops for outstanding non-routine problem solving.
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Olympiad styled Problems

Math Olympiad programs are taught by seasoned Cheenta faculty members from leading universities of the world. They can be useful to transform the way children think about mathematics itself.

Four programs

Outstanding mathematics that makes you think out of the box

Early Bird

Usually for Classes 3 or lower. Suitable for foundational concepts.


Usually for classes 4, 5 or 6. Suitable for Math Kangaroo, NMTC, AMC 8


Usually for classes 7 or 8. Suitable for IOQM, AMC 8 and NMTC contests


Usually for classes 9 and above. Suitable for IOQM, AMC 10 and INMO

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