Cheenta Genius

Introducing an adaptive, peer motivated learning software for passionate Mathematics students


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How does it work?

First, choose a Goal

Example: Maths Olympiad, AMC 8 or ISI Entrance

Practice problems for your goal ADAPTIVELY.

The Genius App learns how much you know and helps you to practice accordingly.


Track your work and progress

The Genius App records how much you have worked over time and alerts you when you are not having enough practice. It also tells you how much you have progressed in each topic.


Challenge your friends and stay motivated

The Genius app dynamically matches you with peers who have same goals and ability as you do. Then it lets you compete with each other using adaptive challenge problems. This makes learning fun.


Get help when needed

The Genius app has in-built doubt clearing system. Our math-experts are ready to help you round the clock.

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