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Themes in Mathematics

Preserving angle and orientation, new programs and fee structure

Notes in Mathematics A Cheenta Newsletter I hope you are doing well.    First, let me congratulate all students from …

Anatomy of a Problem

Artificial Intelligence, Raychaudhuri Mathematics Award, PreRMO   Have you read Polya’s ‘How to Solve It’? This is a pioneering work …

Notes in Mathematics (March, 2017)

Hello friend,   I hope you are doing well.    French mathematician Yves Meyer won the Abel Prize for his …

Notes in Mathematics: Inversion, Price Change

Notes in Mathematics A Cheenta Newsletter Hello friend,   Suppose there is a lion inside a round field (not at the …

Two Holed Torus, Wedged circles and a bit of folded paper

Presently I am active in learning and teaching mathematics. This series of articles is intended for recording my experiences in …

Some Beautiful Books

Straight Lines and Curves by Vasiliyev N. B. Vasilyev was the chief architect of Mathematical Olympiads in Soviet Union. This …

ইঁদূরের গর্ত থেকে ডিরিশলেটের বাক্স

ইঁদূরের গর্ত দিয়ে কেমন অঙ্ক হয়? দেখাই যাক। ওই সামনের বটগাছটা দেখছ। ধর তার শেকড়ের আড়ালে ১০ টা গর্ত আছে। …

Number Theory in Math Olympiad – Beginner's Toolbox

This article is aimed at entry level Math Olympiad (AMC and AIME in U.S. , SMO Junior in Singapore, RMO …

Initiating a child into the world of Mathematical Science

“How do I involve my son in challenging mathematics? He gets good marks in school tests but I think he …

Lifting the exponent and math olympiad number theory

In math olympiads around the world, number theory problems have many recurring themes. One such theme is the ‘LTE’ or …

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