I.S.I. and C.M.I. Entrance Math Olympiad Opportunity

Geometry of Motion: Open Seminar

Curving the infinity!

Imagine squashing the infinite inside small circular disc! Lines bending or sliding to make room for the ‘outside territory’ inside. 

In the upcoming open slate Cheenta Seminar, we tackle this exciting problem from Geometry. Admission is free but the seats are limited.

Registration is Open now

We can accomodate 25 students in the session. Register early to book your seat.

We have three different seminars on the same date:

Level 1: For students of Class III to Class VIII

Level 2: For students of Class IX to XII

Level 3: For college students


  • 3rd May, Thursday, 2018
  • 8 PM I.S.T.

What do I need to attend the seminar?

A laptop or computer with active Internet connection, Skype, and a latest browser (firefox or chrome).

Webcam is not required.


Live and Online

What is the admission fee?

The seminar is free. However we have 25 seats only. So register early.

Register Here

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Introducing Math Circle

In 2018, we are introducing Math Circle memberships.

The members have exclusive access to:

Weekly live and online Doubt Clearing sessions

Exclusive access to Problems and Solutions for I.S.I. & C.M.I. Entrances, TIFR and Math Subject GRE (not available on our general website)

Monthly problem lists on school and college mathematics

Timely information packet on Contests and Entrances that you may use

Additional Mock Tests and Quizzes

Existing Cheenta Students are by default members of this Math circle. Others may subscribe monthly here:

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CMI Tesselate Contest

What: Online Contest in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.

Organizations: Chennai Mathematical Institute

Who are eligible: Students of class 8 through 12

When: will be updated soon.

Links: (may not be active yet)

Comment: (by Writabrata Bhattacharya, faculty, Cheenta)

To all my friends who are in grade 8 to 12 or in college, as a part of Tesselate, an ONLINE contest is being planned by Chennai Mathematical Institute. The contest will be in math, physics, computer science. For Math, Physics and Informatics Olympiad aspirants (the real one) and as well as JEE aspirants, look at our facebook Tesselate page (don’t forget to like) and visit the website:

P.S: For the winners, a camp will be organized in CMI. Spread the news to your friends and share this post. And don’t forget to go to our official website right away!!

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Space Camp 2018

Space Camp 2018

conducted by NASA alumni
If your child is between 9 and 12 years old, then he/she may be eligible for Space Camp 2018. This is a special 6 day-5 nights camp conducted by NASA alumni. 
For older students (12 to 14 years or more), there is the ‘Space Academy’.
To know more about this opportunity and other 2018 opportunities, contact your personal Cheenta Mentor (for internal students). 
For external students and parents
Ashani Dasgupta
vidya dadati vinayam

Opportunity USA Math Olympiad

UCLA full scholarship program – MUMS

Cheenta Opportunity is an initiative for the benefit of Cheenta Olympiad candidates. We dig up opportunities and resources available all around the world for our students. Here we are exploring UCLA Full Scholarship Program – MUMS.

University of  California, Los Angles is one of the leading universities in the world. Its mathematics department is held in great esteem by all who matter. UCLA Math department offers a Merit-based scholarship to students with an exceptional background in mathematics.