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Math Olympiad Corner

Sine of angle is the half chord – a Geogebra animation

Sine of an angle, half chord and vertical projection Note that half chord corresponding to a half arc is same …

Triangles on a Sphere

PROBLEM Suppose the earth is a perfect sphere. You are on its surface at point A. First, you walk 1 …

Thousand Flowers Program : a paradigm shift in Olympiad Training

The central theme of the thousand flowers program is: connected ideas and connected problems. We will illustrate the idea using …

RMO 2017 Goa-Maharashtra

\(\ 1\).(\(\ 16\) marks)Consider a chessboard of size \(\ 8\) units\(\ \times8\) units (i.e., each small square on the board …

Regional Math Olympiad 2017

Looking for just the problems? Download the PDF here.   Let AOB be a given angle less than \( 180^o …

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