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Similar to PRMO, RMO in India, or AMC, AIME in United States. Created by Olympians and researchers in leading universities of the world.

Math Olympiad Training Camp AND Olympiad

Math Olympiad Training Camp 1

Software needed: Zoom and Skype

(Download both in your phone or laptop)

Date and Poster

September 15, 2020, Tuesday


Class 1 to 4: at 6 PM IST
Class 5 to 8: at 7 PM IST
Class 9 and above: at 8 PM IST

Join the group

Start with online Boot Camp


Then take the Olympiad online

Learn advanced concepts for Maths Olympiad (Number Theory, Geometry, Algebra, and Combinatorics)

Boot Camp

A 3-day camp (online) to master the necessary concepts.

First Round

A 60 minutes online objective Maths Olympiad, for first round of screening.


A 3 hour, subjective online Maths Olympiad.


Awards include cash prizes, certificates, and tuition waivers at Cheenta Maths Olympiad courses.

Academic Support

Learn from the true masters, the advanced topics for Maths Olympiad.

Who can take the Boot Camp and Maths Olympiad ?

  • Students of class 1 to 12 may take the Bose Online Maths Olympiad
  • College students with mathematics, statistics, or engineering background may also apply.

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