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Bose Math Olympiad

Winter Olympiad 2020 Results

350+ applicants


50 participants

in team round

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150+ participants

individual round

60+ beautiful problems

Math Olympiad Calibre

₹ 72000+ worth award

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A beautiful experience

  • “It was great experience with Bose Olympiad team round yesterday for the kids. They thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to more such competitions.”

    ~ Aarav Anil Rao’s Mother
  • “It was a really wonderful experience for Aryan and his team members. Great idea. Team round, that is…👏👏👏👏”
    ~ Aryan Prakash’s Mother

Top 10 Performers of the Bose Maths Olympiad…

Senior Level

(Grade 8 & Above)

Serial no.NameBose Score
1.Adityavardhan Iyengar160/200
2.Arjun Gupta160/200
3.Raghav Goel155/200
4.Ryan Hota150/200
5.Abhineet Sharan145/200
6.Arnav Nigam145/200
7.Karthikeya Kakarlapudi140/200
8.Nitya Joshi140/200
9.Souradip Das140/200
10.Aryan Prakash135/200

Intermediate Level

(Grade 5 -7)

Serial no.NameBose Score
1.Siddharth Kumar Gopal190/200
2.Aarav Anil Rao150/200
3.Alivia Roy140/200
4.Anshna Paithane140/200
5.Agastya Bhagwat135/200
6.Aditya Dharmen Punatar130/200
7.Sarvam Vora130/200
8.Mann Shah110/200
9.Ayush Shah90/200
10.Abhinav Khetan70/200

Junior Level

(Grade 1-4)

Serial no.NameBose Score
1.Ritam Das75/200
2.Abhijnan Nanda69/200
3.Shravan Nair60/200
4.Rynaa Malhan50/200
5.Spandan Pramanik50/200

Note: Only top 5 performers are given, due to less number of participants in this level.

Top 3 Bose Maths Olympiad Teams

Best Senior Team

Alokik Tewari

Mounob Das

Nitya Joshi

Trishan Sadhukhan

Best Intermediate Team

Siddharth Kumar Gopal

Sarvam Vora

Alivia Roy

Anshna Paithane

Best Junior Team

Ritam Das

Spandan Pramanik

Arjun Gourineni

Abhijnan Nanda

Note: An honourable Mention should be given to the Best Junior Team due to their untiring efforts in the team round.

Bose Spring Olympiad

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