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Beautiful Books

This is an (ever-growing and ever-changing) list of books, useful for school and college mathematics students. If you are working …Read More

Profile PhotoAshani DasguptaApril 12, 2015

I.S.I. Entrance Interview Problems

a and b are two numbers having the same no. of digits and same sum of digits (=28). Can one …Read More

Profile PhotoAshani DasguptaJune 10, 2014

Math and Basic Science in India after school

We observe a renewed interest in basic science and mathematics in India after decades of engineering mania. This is a …Read More

Profile PhotoAshani DasguptaJanuary 23, 2014

Initiating a child into the world of Mathematical Science

“How do I involve my son in challenging mathematics? He gets good marks in school tests but I think he …Read More

Profile PhotoAshani DasguptaNovember 21, 2013

What is RMO and how to prepare for it

What is RMO RMO or Regional Math Olympiad is the first round of mathematics contest (in India) leading to the …Read More

Profile PhotoAshani DasguptaNovember 14, 2013

Number of maps (TIFR 2014 problem 30)

Question: How many maps \(\phi: \mathbb{N} \cup  \{0\} \to \mathbb{N} \cup  \{0\}\) are there satisfying \(\phi(ab)=\phi(a)+\phi(b)\) , for all \(a,b\in …Read More

Profile PhotoAritra BhattacharyaNovember 21, 2017

Maps from compact spaces (TIFR 2014 problem 29)

Question: Let \(f: X\to Y \) be a continuous map between metric spaces. Then \(f(X)\) is a complete subset of …Read More

Profile PhotoAritra BhattacharyaNovember 21, 2017

Continuous functions from discrete space (TIFR 2014 problem 28)

Question: Let \(X\) be a topological space such that every function \(f: X \to \mathbb{R}\) is continuous. Then A. \(X\) …Read More

Profile PhotoAritra BhattacharyaNovember 20, 2017

Homeomorphism of product space with mother space (TIFR 2014 problem 27)

Question: \(X\) is a topological space with infinite cardinality which is homeomorphic to \(X \times X\). Then A. \(X\) is …Read More

Profile PhotoAritra BhattacharyaNovember 20, 2017

Number of irreducible polynomials (TIFR 2014 problem 26)

Question: The number of irreducible polynomials of the form \(x^2+ax+b\) , with \(a,b\) in the field \(\mathbb{F}_7\) of 7 elements …Read More

Profile PhotoAritra BhattacharyaNovember 18, 2017

Order of generated subgroup (TIFR 2014 problem 24)

Question:  Let \(H_1, H_2\) be two distinct subgroups of a finite group G, each of order 2. Let \(H\) be …Read More

Profile PhotoAritra BhattacharyaNovember 18, 2017

Identifying isomorphic groups (TIFR 2014 problem 25)

Question: Which of the following groups are isomorphic? A. \(\mathbb{R}\) and \(\mathbb{C}\) B. \(\mathbb{R}^* \) and   \(\mathbb{C}^*\) C. \(S_3 \times …Read More

Profile PhotoAritra BhattacharyaNovember 18, 2017

CMI Tesselate Contest

What: Online Contest in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science. Organizations: Chennai Mathematical Institute Who are eligible: Students of class 8 through 12 When: will …Read More

Profile PhotoAshani DasguptaNovember 17, 2017

Triangles on a Sphere

PROBLEM Suppose the earth is a perfect sphere. You are on its surface at point A. First, you walk 1 …Read More

Profile PhotoAshani DasguptaNovember 15, 2017

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