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Beautiful Books

Apr 12,15

This is an (ever-growing and ever-changing) list of books, useful for school and college mathematics students. If you are working …

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I.S.I. Entrance Interview Problems

Jun 10,14

a and b are two numbers having the same no. of digits and same sum of digits (=28). Can one …

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Math and Basic Science in India after school

Jan 23,14

We observe a renewed interest in basic science and mathematics in India after decades of engineering mania. This is a …

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Initiating a child into the world of Mathematical Science

Nov 21,13

“How do I involve my son in challenging mathematics? He gets good marks in school tests but I think he …

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What is RMO and how to prepare for it

Nov 14,13

What is RMO RMO or Regional Math Olympiad is the first round of mathematics contest (in India) leading to the …

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A familiar Functional Equation

Feb 16,18

Cauchy’s functional equations are very simple. The most familiar one has a simple formula: f(x + y) = f(x) + …

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Cauchy’s Functional Equation’s Application – INMO 2018 Problem 6

Feb 5,18

An Application of Cauchy’s Functional Equation Cauchy’s functional equation is a description of a function. $$ f(x + y) = …

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Jensen’s Inequality (NBHM 2017 problem 5.2)

Feb 1,18

Question: Let \(n\in\mathbb{N}\), \(n\ge 2\). Let \(x_1,x_2,…,x_n\in(0,\pi)\). Set \(x=\frac{x_1+x_2+…+x_n}{n}\). Which of the following are true? A) \(\prod_{k=1}^{n} sinx_k \ge sin^nx …

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INMO 2017

Jan 30,18

In the given figure, \(ABCD\) is a square sheet of paper. It is folded along \(E F\) such that \(A\) …

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INMO 2016

Jan 29,18

Let \(ABC\) be triangle in which \(AB=AC\). Suppose the orthocentre of the triangle lies on the incircle. Find the ratio …

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Contraction of a function – advanced Cheenta seminar

Jan 29,18

It is almost like deflating a balloon. But the effect is exponential.  Today (29th January 2018, Monday), we have a …

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INMO 2018

Jan 28,18

Let ABC be a non-equilateral triangle with integer sides. Let D and E be respectively the mid-points BC and C …

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Graphing the exponential (TOMATO Objective 699)

Jan 26,18

Graphing an exponential function can be tricky. We are familiar with the graph of \( e^x \). But what if …

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Introducing Math Circle

Jan 23,18

In 2018, we are introducing Math Circle memberships. The members have exclusive access to: Weekly live and online Doubt Clearing …

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