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How to Solve a Math Problem | Anatomy of a Problem

How to Solve a Math Problem? A very common question. Here is how to understand the anatomy of a problem and also why problem-solving is important.
Artificial Intelligence, Raychaudhuri Mathematics Award, PreRMO
Have you read Polya's 'How to Solve It'? This is a pioneering work on problem-solving strategies. 
Why is this important? Of course, learning great problem-solving techniques is useful for mathematicians. But there is another important reason.
If we understand how our brain solves problems then we may teach machines to do that. This brings us to the domain of artificial intelligence. AI-driven machines are now touted as the harbingers of the fourth industrial revolution.
As students of mathematics, we are extremely interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning. At Cheenta, we plan to launch a learning program geared toward that in the near future. (We are presently developing an Informatics Olympiad Program that will incorporate an introduction to AI.)
Exciting things are happening in the world of Artificial Intelligence. On February 2017, Google launched the first stable version of TensorFlow. It is a library of ready-to-use tools of machine learning. For a gentler introduction to the world of Artificial Intelligence, check out AIY Projects by Google and Raspberry Pi.
Raychaudhuri Mathematics Award
Amal Kumar RayChaudhuri is a celebrated mathematical physicist credited for outstanding contributions in Relativity and Cosmology. The Raychaudhuri-Landau equations are sometimes regarded as the starting point of String Theory.
On Sunday, 30th July 2017, we will have the Raychaudhury Mathematics Contest. It consists of an online live test and possibly an interview. The problems are similar to both present-day olympiads and yesteryear’s Tournament of Towns.
There are three levels:
  • Early Bird (Eighth Grade or below)
  • Junior (Ninth through twelfth grade)
  • Senior (College and grad school)
The registration deadline is 15th June 2017. There is no registration fee. Email us to register. We will also send you access to the preparation kit. 
The awards include certificates, cash reward worth of Rs. 20,000, and other rewards worth Rs. 50,000. 
Finally, let me remind you:
  • PreRMO is mandatory now for Indian math olympiad candidates. Registrations begin on May 20, 2017
  • We are now taking application to a mentoring program for Google Science Fair 2018. It is a part of our Physics Olympiad Program. 
  • I.S.I. & C.M.I. Entrance is scheduled this month! ALL THE BEST to all our existing students. 
Happy problem-solving!
Ashani Dasgupta
vidya dadati vinayam

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