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An excursion in Linear Algebra

Pick up any odd book on linear algebra. Matrices, base changes, eigen-values will pop up. It is hard to appreciate why an intelligent person should spend hours and days, mastering these skills. Our excursion, begins with an attempt to understand that very thing: essence of linear algebra and its motivation.

Here is a brief sketch of the session:

  1. Motivation: Einstein badly needed linear algebra. Why?
  2. Essence: All about Linear operators, their domain, codomains and how wonderfully they are related with distance!
  3. The Determinant Tool: Axiomatically determinant is just a function from ordered tuple of \( n^2 \) real numbers to one real number.
  4. Invariant subspaces and factorization: You can factorize a matrix. But ‘essentially’ that is a comment on invariant subspaces.

This open session is scheduled on 14th November, Thursday 2019 at 8 PM I.S.T.

P.S. The featured image of this post is the cover of ‘Linear Algebra Done Right’. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful books on the subject. Highly recommended!

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