Hall of Fame

What is success?
That one student who solved geometry problems brilliantly but never succeeded in the test of Math Olympiad. He is not in this list. The other kid, who traveled two hours every week to learn combinatorics, is also absent. Nevertheless… here are a few of the remaining jewels.

Read on.. but keep in mind

Student’s success is mostly dependent on multiple factors. We do not want to take credit for their hard-work. Unfortunately, sometimes prospective parents ask about past success stories.


AMC 8, AMC 10, AMC 12, AIME success stories

Mayur N Sastry
Cracked AMC 12 and Qualified for AIME, 2021

Ashrith Edukulla
Cracked AMC 10 and Qualified for AIME, 2021, Thailand International Mathematics Contest (AIR: 22), Southeast Asian Mathematics Olympiad (AIR: 18), World Robotics Olympiad (AIR: 3)

Aaditya Punatar
Cracked AMC 10 and Qualified for AIME, 2021

Aryan Prakash
Cracked AMC 10 and Qualified for AIME, 2021

Mann Shah
Cracked AMC 10 and Qualified for AIME, Cleared ZIO (Zonal Informatics Olympiad), 2021

Adityavardhan Iyengar (Class 9)
TIMO (silver medal), IYMC (passed first and second level, and bronze honor in the final round), Hillspring math olympiad ( Bronze honor), AMC 10 & 12 (First place)

Arjun Gupta (Class 8)
SEAMO, Cleared IOQM, AMC, AIME Qualifier 2021, NMTC (Gold Medal), IMOTC Qualifier 2021.


Students from Cheenta who got into Ivy League universities and other leading universities around the world.

Aryan Kalia
Harvard University

Shashvat Shukla
University of Oxford

Akshaj Kadaveru

Sambuddha Majumdar
University of Edinburgh

Aditya Ghosh
University of Oxford

Mary Lee
Johns Hopkins University

Esther Lee
University of Pennsylvania 

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