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How Aaditya Punatar Achieved Gold in NMTC & SASMO

Aaditya Dharmen Punatar is a Gold Awardee in NMTC (National Mathematics Talent Contests) and SASMO (Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olmpiad) 2021. He is a student of Class 7 from Euroschool, Airoli and also a proud Young Achiever of Cheenta.

Cheenta is happy to share the succes story of Aaditya!

Aaditya Dharmen Punatar

Aaditya says, "I love solving cubes, doing coding and also love solving problems. Playing with numbers, visualising them makes me passionate about maths. Maths also helps me improve logic and problem solving skills."

His Achievements:

Aditya has achieved various medals in exams like JMO, SASMO (Gold Gold Awardee), NMTC (Gold Awardee), PRABHUTVA, HOMC, and many other Math Olympiads.

Our Questions and Aaditya's Answer:

How did you prepare for NMTC, SAMSO and other Math Competitions?

Aaditya: "I solved many past papers of the exam. I used books such as the gems II and III and other AMTI publications to prepare for NMTC. Many other publications like of IME, and other books helped me."

What is your next goal?

Aaditya: "I am planning to give exams such as AMC 8, Math Kangaroo, UKMT, and Gauss Contest this year. I am also preparing for PRMO next year."

How Cheenta helped you in your preparation?

Aaditya: "Cheenta's session helped me a lot in maths. The daily quizzes which used to come, Cheenta Genius and all its homework problems improved by problem solving techniques and changed my approach to problems."

He added, "Cheenta has helped us a lot. It has been a great experience till now, and I will look forward to continue it!"

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