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Success Stories at Cheenta

We help students fall in love with mathematical sciences.
  • Anushka Aggarwal

    Anushka Aggarwal

    Anushka is the youngest INMO awardee, a medalist at European Girls Math Olympiad. She is going to MIT in fall 2022.
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  • Aryan-Kalia

    Aryan Kalia

    Aryan Kalia ranked within top 1% in American Math Competition 10. He worked on a research project in Graph Theory as well. Aryan is going to Harvard in Fall ‘22.
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  • Arjun-Gupta

    Arjun Gupta

    Arjun Gupta is an INMO awardee and ranked within top 6 in India. He is representing India in International Math Olympiad in 2022.
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  • Saptarshi Sadhukhan

    Saptarshi ranked within top 100 in India in the prestigious entrance of Indian Statistical Institute (BStat-BMath Entrance) and Chennai Mathematical Institute.
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Real Masters
Math Concierge
Toward IVY League

Real Olympians and Researchers

Taught by Masters
The faculty team of Cheenta comprises of Olympians and Researchers from leading universities in India and United States. Our experienced trainers include alumni from Indian Statistical Institute (India), Chennai Mathematical Institute (India), University of Wisconsin (USA), TIFR and University of Oxford
A passionate teacher can make a world of difference
Children are influenced by the passion of the teachers and fellow students. Cheenta programs are home of this ambience of mathematical journey. 
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It is personal. 

We worry when you miss a class or a homework.
Cheenta has personalized concierge service for after-class support. Each student and parent is attached to multiple team members of Cheenta for continuous follow-up.
We notice and act when you fall behind.
Round the week our team keeps an eye on student work. If you miss the homework or fall behind on a certain topic, we notice it. Usually additional help is immediately alloted in such situation.
Personalization matters
Cheenta believes that outstanding education requires personal attention. In today’s hectic world, often parents are unable to devote time to kids. This makes the job of personalization even more important. 
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Olympiad, Research and Internship

Since 2010, outstanding performance in Math, Physics and Science Olympiads in India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada and more.

Cheenta students are engaged in research.
Several kids at Cheenta are involved in research projects (apart from Olympiad Programs). They are as young as eighth graders and as old as university postgraduates. Research projects are great learning experience. They also add extra value to a student’s journey toward Ivy League universities such as Harvard and MIT. 
Kids are teaching other kids in Math Circles.
Many Cheenta students teach once every fifteen days. Cheenta puts them in small math circles comprising students from rural India. Kids as young as fourth graders teach children of similar or younger age group. This helps to motivate children. The act of teaching also helps them to learn the subject at greater depth.
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Flagship Programs

Taught by olympians, researchers and trained faculty members since 2010
ISI Entrance Solutions

ISI & CMI Entrance Program

for B.Stat, B.Math, B.Sc. Math
For B.Stat, B.Math Entrance of Indian Statistical Institute and B.Sc. Math Entrance of Chennai Mathematical Institute.

Taught by I.S.I. and C.M.I. students and alumni. 

Includes Number Theory, Combinatorics, Geometry, Algebra and Calculus
Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad Program

For Math Olympiads in India (PRMO, RMO, INMO), United States (AMC, AIME, USAMO), Singapore (SMO) and similar contests worldwide.

Taught by researchers and olympians with years of specialisation in Olympiad Training
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Statistics Program for M.Stat, JAM

for M.Stat, IIT JAM Stat
For M.Stat and IIT JAM entrances in Statistics. Taught by veterans in Statistical training.

College Math Program

for M.Math, TIFR, Subject GRE, IITJAM
Learn advanced Group Theory, Real Analysis, Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra and Topology. 

Ideal for I.S.I. M.Math Entrance, TIFR PhD Entrance, IIT JAM and Mathematics Subject GRE.

Physics Olympiad Program

for NSEP, InPhO, IPhO
Join the state-of-the-art physics program directed toward International Physics Olympiad (IPhO). 

Includes training on non-calculus problems toward advanced physics problems in IPhO.

Research Projects

for School and College
Join Cheenta Research groups for school and college standard projects. Add that secret sauce to your resume to reach for the stars.

Try the Genius App

A revolutionary tool for adaptive, non-linear, peer driven, problem focussed learning in mathematics

Watch the Genius App in action

Practice problems. Everyday. Adaptively.

One more thing... Research

Join Cheenta Research groups for school and college standard projects. Add that secret sauce to your resume to reach for the stars.

Symmetries of Alpana

An ongoing research project in group theory and art-forms.

Boundaries of Hyperbolic Groups

An ongoing research project in Geometric Group Theory.

Experience Cheenta

Meet and get inspired from  hundreds of passionate teachers and students.

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