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ISI, CMI Entrance, Math Olympiad, College and Research Mathematics programs for advanced students in schools and colleges.

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Cheenta is a group of olympians and researchers passionate about teaching mathematics. Our advanced academic programs are designed for outstanding students of school and college. If you are looking for something special you are in the right place.

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Maths Olympiad Program

Advanced number theory, geometry, combinatorics, and algebra. 

This problem driven, rigorous program is taught by olympians, researchers who are active mathematicians at leading universities around the world.

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ISI BStat BMath

ISI, CMI Entrance Program

B.Stat and B.Math Entrance Program at Indian Statistical Institute and B.Sc. Math Entrance at Chennai Mathematical Institute require special training in topics like number theory, geometry and combinatorics

This rigorous program for high school students is taught by students and alumni of I.S.I. & C.M.I. 

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College Math Program

College Maths Program

Entrances of TIFR, I.S.I. M.Math and Subject GRE require advanced training in topology, analysis, abstract and linear algebra. 

This advanced program is designed to take you ‘inside’ the beauty of mathematics.

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College Math Program

ISI MStat, IIT JAM Statistics  

Entrances of I.S.I. M.Stat, Subject GRE, and IIT JAM Statistics require advanced training in Probability, Regression and ANOVA, Theory of Estimation and Mathematics. More than entrances, this program offers you to fall in love with the exciting principles of data and chance – the core concepts in the field of data science.  

This advanced program is designed to take you ‘inside’ the beauty of math, data and chance.

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The programs are problem-driven in nature. Each class begins with a beautiful, motivating problem. Next, we proceed toward the concepts required to solve that problem.


– Akashaj Kadaveru

“Our experience with Cheenta has been excellent. Even though my son started in Middle School, they understood his Math level and took personal interest in developing a long term plan considering his strengths and weekness areas. Through out the semester courses they have nourished him with challenging problems and necessary homework. His guidance has helped my son to perform well at competitions including USAJMO and others. He has grown more confident in his math abilities over the past year and half and is hoping to do well in the future.
I am impressed with their quality and professionalism. We are very thankful to Cheenta and hope to benefit from them in the coming years. I would strongly recommend them to any student who wants to learn Math by doing challenging problems, specially if they are looking for Math than what their school can offer.

— Murali Kadaveru (father of student), Virginia, United States

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Every week student meets a faculty for one-on-one session. These sessions are homework workshops. They are also great for personalized doubt clearing.

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Group classes on Advanced Topics

Group Classes (in addition to the One on One classes) are great to learn particular topics like Number Theory, Geometry, Algebra, Combinatorics and Calculus.

Homework and Doubt Clearing

Cheenta support desk is active round the clock. Student doubts are addressed systematically in-class and beyond.

The homework system includes daily dose of problems, monthly tests and mock examinations.

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