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Advanced Programs

Cheenta programs are designed for advanced school and college students who wish to delve beyond the regular curriculum.

Since 2010, Over 5 countries

Brilliant students over 5 countries have worked with Cheenta. We were fortunate to experience their outstanding performances in Olympiads and other contests. 

Masters of the Game

Cheenta faculties are active researchers at I.S.I., C.M.I, TIFR and abroad. They are performers at Olympiads and other challenging contests.




Passion for mathematical science.

We work with a selected few students only through live online classes accompanied by carefully curated course structure.

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What our students say

We are committed to a long-term journey toward conceptual depth and the art of problem-solving. It is a passionate, personal journey built on deep faculty-student connections.



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Mathematics is not a spectator sport. Dive deep into these recent readings and problems.



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